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Environment Certificate

IADA’s policy is based on satisfying the expectations and needs of our Clients, Suppliers and Employees, establishing and maintaining the highest quality of our products and services, with strict compliance with the legal requirements regarding quality, safety and environment. This policy is based on the development and evolution of our management system for continuous improvement, with the involvement and commitment of all staff, as the only way to overcome the objectives that the organization has set on its path to excellence.

Taking into account the type of products we manufacture, we are aware of the protection and good maintenance of our environment, therefore our efforts are aimed to improve waste management and search for less polluting products. With the aim of minimizing the company’s carbon footprint and offsetting the CO2 emissions generated by the automotive world, IADA opted for renewable energies by installing a 100 kWh photovoltaic power generation plant, which occupies more than 1,000m2 on the rooftops of our facilities.

As a sign of commitment and loyalty to the values ​​of the company and with the aim of minimizing the impact of our industrial activity to respect the natural environment, our Quality and Environmental Management System has been internationally certified since 2006, having ISO certificates 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 granted by DEKRA. These certifications guarantee the company’s management, its employees, clients and shareholders the fulfillment of our environmental and business responsibilities.