Fully synthetic lubricant based on very high quality base oils, developed specifically to lubricate gasoline and diesel engines, turbocharged, with catalytic converter in both utility vehicles and sports Vehicles and also in vans.This oil is not suitable for diesel soot filters. Not suitable for DPF.

Specification levels

ACEA A3/B3; ACEA A3/B4; API SN/CF; PORSCHE A40; MB 226.5/229.1/229.3/229.5; VW 502.00/505.00; BMW Longlife – 01; Renault 0700/0710; Ford WSS-M2C937-A


Capacity Units per box Reference
5 L. 4 30556
20 L. 30656
208 L. 30156
1000 L. 30056